A long life memory


Yes I did it ! Finally !

I always wanted my tattoo, standing for Panama (hatchling turtles) and now for Fiji.

In Fiji a turtle has a protective meaning and the bird inside is a symbol for freedom and journey .... I think it's perfect and I am so glad I did it in the end ! 

Local bus to Nadi


My last few days in Fiji ...

RIght now I am at Bamboo Hostel in Nadi. For my trip back I had to buy some snacks for the flight and some souvenirs so I took the local bus to Nadi town.

As you can see in the pictures, it's very different ... Road at the beach ...

When I came back to Bamboo, I was bored, so I was sitting inside the tattoo studio for 3 hours, watching a person getting an amazing tattoo. Meanwhile, another fijian guy made my arm look really cool ! Not real though ...

Little trip to Suva


On my last day in Pacific Harbour, Valerie took me to Suva. She had to pick up FIsh (300 kg !) for the sharkfeeding.

When we were done doing that, she showed me around Suva, the capital of Fiji.

Such a big city, loud, crowded and noisy !



The best experience ever !


Watching all the fish, it felt like a million were surrounding us ! Watching the sharks sliding through the water ... Not scary at all, it was more overwhelming and exciting to watch them. They are such beautfiul creatures and not dangerous at all !

For the first dive, we went diwn to 24 meters and for the second one down to 18 to watch the Sharks. We saw Greyreef sharks, Silvertips, Bullsharks, Nursesharks and all kinds of fish down there :-)


Diving ... AMAZING !


Better late than too late I would say ! I am so happy I did my Open Water Course !!!

I started Tuesday (12/11/13) and finished Friday (15/11/13) . Monday afternoon I started reading the dive manual, doing knowledge reviews and quizzes until 2 a.m. ... Tuesday I went to Aqua Trek (the dive shop where Henry works) to finish all the Chapters and then taking the Exam.

Wednesday, we (Henry,my Diveinstructor Lui and me) went into the pool to learn all the basic skills. How to set up the BCD, so your dive equipment, how to breathe underwater, how to be neutrally buoyant underwater, how to clear the mask, etc. ... That took us 2 hours. I was SO tired after that day !


Thursday, then, my first Open Water Dive. Well actually I already did 3 out of 4 that day ! It was amazing, going down seeing so many amazing things underwater. All kinds of fish, all colours, Corals ... AMAZING !

After doing some more skills on my first two dives, I could really enjoy the third one. We saw a shipwrack ( LIONFISH !!! ) and I went into a Cave with Lui which was pretty cool !


Friday was my last Open Water Dive. This time, Henry was diving with me. So we went down to 18 meters to do some skills again like navigatiing with a compass and how to rescue someone who is out of air.





Oh yeah, that night I stayed with Valrie ( she works at the diveshop) and her family. I had traditional fijian food on the floor and in the evening she taught me how to make Lolobun (coconutcream-bread) . Her daughter Naomi asked me tooons of questions about my life, family, country and what I like and stuff like that. It was so nice to stay with them :-)

Pacific Harbour - lazy Harbour


 Being in Pacific Harbour felt like having a good vacation ! Living right at the beach, hearing the ocean the whole time and when you go to bed ... Lovely !

The first week here, I basically chilled the whole time and enjoyed myself ... When Henry got back home, we had a great time just playing guitar, singing and laughing together :-)


Saying goodbye ...


November 1st. My time to leave Base ...

The morning was horrible. I had my last breakfast on Base and finished packing so I could have some time in the hammock for myself.


Like normal, i fell asleep hahaha .

At 12:30, we had to leave so I had to say goodbye to all the volunteers.


It wasn't that sad, because most of the people I made friends with, came to the mainland with me which was really amazing.

Franci as well, she took this weekend as like a holiday.


When I left, the volunteers and families were standing at the beach, throwing a coconut as soon as the engine of the boat started.



After the 5 hour Flyer trip, we arrived back in Nadi.

In the evening, me and some other volunteers had our departure meal. Basically we went to a restaurant and had dinner.

AAfter that, Luke,, Jenna, Sophie, Franci and me went to Ed's Bar to celebrate ... AWESOME NIGHT !


The next day started early. Franci and me woke up at 7 to go down to Bamboo Hostel to meet Jenna. After hanging out for a while, we head off to Nadi to buy some food and my busticket for Pacific Harbour.


Before I left, we met all the Staff members again and had lunch together. At 1 O'clock it was finally time to say goodbye ... but we had an awesome Taxiride back to the busstation!




Halloween on Base was not normal . First of all, we didnt have a real Halloween party , because it was my last day on Base and Franci and me were really sad to even celebrate. So after dinner, traditionally, I read my roses and thornes. Basically, you say what u loved and what you didnt like and just summarize your time on Base.


After that, Franci and me felt like dressing up, so we put on our costume we had originally planned for that night.

Zombie-Beachgirl. Well we left out the facepaint, but still we made good Beachgirls !


Last day in school with a touch of adventure ...


Last day in school ... 

All of my kids got the cards I made 2 days ago ( with their names on and a note for each one) and a peace of cake I organized :-)

I got a necklace and a card from my class which was really nice !

After school, we wanted to go to a huge education event on the other side of the island, but in the middle of the sea the engine died and we had to paddle to get away from the coral reef .

It was super hot and wavy ... After 30 mins, Bill and the construction team came to rescue us ... Back at school, Fran and me jumped into the water with all our clothes on. All the kids were there and it was actually a wonderful day to say goodbye !

Amazing day in school


The day started with an amazing sunrise !  

The boadride to school was sooo calm and nice, that I fell asleep again on our way there ... In school, all the classrooms were empty : No teachers , almost no kids . All of them were cleaning the whole school area and classrooms, because tomorrow there will be a huuuugee education meeting and celebration. 

So, I decided to entertain the kids and teaching them at the same time : Bingo with maths and then hangman with phonics !

After Lunch I took a spontanious lesson with kids I have never seen before. It was a challenge, but it went so well, I loved it and they loved it ! 

They had to draw the outline of their hand and colour it in their favourite colour. After that, they had to write 3 sentences and measure their hand. 

Back on Base, I worked out and did some handstands with Franci which was really nice and relaxing so ...


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